How to apply for
Employee UIF Registration
UIF On-line Payment Registration

If you have no UIF registration or number yet, please follow the next steps in order to successfully Register with UIF:

  1. Complete the two UIF application forms, Form UI-19 and Form UI-8D in order to obtain a valid UIF number. (Click the form names to download them)
  2. These forms may be scanned and e-mailed to or may be faxed to: (086) 713-3000.  After processing, you will receive back your new UIF payment reference number. (This may take a while)

If you have obtained a UIF Registration and valid UIF number, please follow these next steps to Register for U-filing on-line payments. (If you do not have a valid UIF number yet, please refer to points 1 & 2 above)
  1. Activate your U-Filing account, as follows :
    Please ensure that you have available the following information, as the Domestic Employer:
    • A - Your valid UIF Registration number,
    • B - Your valid 13 Digit bar-coded RSA Identity number or Passport number,
    • C -  A valid e-Mail address and your banking account details from which you will pay your UIF contributions.

    If the above are all in order, simply click u-Filing Activation, then read the terms and follow the on-screen guides to complete your registration.

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